Cutting bread has never been so clean, so fast, so quiet

The PRIMUS 400 is a premium model slicer suitable for all types of bread. Designed for superior hygiene, speed and silence, ideal for environments such as bakeries, shops, restaurants, hotels and cafeterias.

Slice loaves perfectly, every time

The PRIMUS 400 cuts any type of bread, from the softest bread or toast, to dense and grainy bread, to twice-baked bread with a hard crust. It is also suitable for bread cakes such as fruit cake and Madeira cake. The secret to perfect slices? The patented round nanoBlade cuts effortlessly, without oiling. Your bread retains its perfect shape – even fresh from the oven. The PRIMUS 400 can even cut clean slices of marble cake with chocolate icing.

Super fast, super quiet

With a maximum speed of 220 slices per minute, the PRIMUS 400 is astonishingly fast, so you can spend less time cutting and more time with your customers. When lightning speed is not required, you can switch to the ‘eco’ mode, which cuts at a still high speed of 130 slices per minute. No matter how fast you cut, the highly optimized sound-absorbing brushes keep the PRIMUS 400 pleasantly quiet. Noise is kept to a minimum.

Easy cutting, the way you want it

Designed for simplicity, the PRIMUS 400 uses a simple one-button operating system for all functions. Select the desired speed, how thick you want the slices, cut your bread in half or cut half the bread and leave the other half intact. You can also cut your bread by number of slices – a great option if you need a specific quantity without wasted leftovers. An automatic slice holder supports the slices during the cutting process. This keeps the shape of the bread, so it is easy to pick up and pack. A handy gripper ensures that the crust is very small.

Construction of the highest quality

The PRIMUS 400 is a truly premium cutting machine, built for top performance and durability. The key to success is the TREIF nanoBlade, which has a unique toothing and a special grinding finish that makes it extra long lasting. TREIF, part of Marel, is the only manufacturer of bread cutting machines that produces the knives itself. The cutting part and the technical part of the PRIMUS 400 are completely separated, so that flour and other contaminants cannot enter the machine. Your machine remains well protected against damage and downtime.

Your benefits at a glance

The PRIMUS 400 sets the standard for hygienic bread slicing. The unique open design makes cleaning exceptionally fast, easy and safe.

• Numerous slots allow for quick sweeping of crumbs

• Easily removable tray catches all residues

• Ejector opening can be detached for easy access – no disassembly required

• Oil-free cutting

• Blade protection ensures safe cleaning These features contribute to superior food safety with reduced cleaning time.


• A premium cutting machine

• Cutting thickness adjustable from 4 – 24 mm, accurate to half a mm.

• Perfect cutting results for all types of bread, cake, …

• Hygiene design

• Halve bread

• Select number of slices

• Bread insert space up to 40 cm

• Total width of the machine: 80 cm