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PRIMUS fusion is the first fully integrated bread slicer from TREIF.

PRIMUS fusion ensures a hygienically clean workspace through perfect integration into the shop furniture. A machine that blends into its environment and does not get in the way, leaving more space for displaying products.

The highlights at a glance:

• Premium Hygiene Design: open design, numerous slots for quick sweeping, complete separation of cutting part and technical part

• Universal bread slicer: Cuts all types of bread (fresh from the oven), without blade oil

• Easy operation of the machine

• Long service life of the round knife due to special coating and special teeth

• High quality standard thanks to in-house blade manufacturing (nanoBlade)

• Easy to use: patented cutting blade holder supports the bread perfectly until the last slice

• Precisely cut, parallel cuts from end to end

• Automatic gripping hook: the bread is automatically gripped and guided after insertion.

• Optimal integration into the counter without losing display/work space


• A fully integrated cutting machine

• Cutting thickness adjustable from 4 – 14 mm

• Perfect cutting results for all types of bread, cake, etc.

• Hygiene design

Speed ​​up to 200 slices/minute

• Bread insert space up to 360 mm

• Total width of the machine: 800 mm

• Connection: 230V

• Weight: 230 Kg