Precision on 6 sides:

Say “yes” to perfectly shaped cubes.

With the right equipment, the TWISAN industrial cutting machine consistently delivers optimal cutting results, both for frozen meat blocks and bulk material as well as for fresh meat.

The machine guarantees your process reliability, whether it concerns fresh meat or extremely tempered products.

TWISAN also sets new standards in hygiene. The hygienic design has been thought through down to the smallest detail.

When it comes to fully automatic loading of the machine and the removal of cut products, there are numerous ways in which you can optimally coordinate the production process. Loading can, for example, take place via a conveyor belt or a lift-tilt device.


Max. input length 620
Max. cutting length (mm)
1 – 75
Max. output tons per hour
Grid sets (mm) 8/10/12/15/17/19/21/25/30/37,5
Max. blade speed rpm 400
Length (mm)
2.335 – max. 3.600
Width (mm)
3.000 – max. 4.660
Weight (kg)
ca. 1.300