The perfect transformation of energy into efficiency

With 400 cuts per minute (with double blade) and a large input chamber 350 mm x 240 mm; Measuring 13 4/5″ x 9 1/2″ (width x depth), the LION cutting and portioning machine combines efficiency with enough space for numerous cutting applications. It is a further, more powerful addition to our range of elegantly designed cutting and portioning machines, aimed at supermarkets and industrial users.

With LION it is possible to cut large bone-in and boneless products, such as bacon, spare ribs, chops and “T-bone” steaks, or dairy products, such as cheese, fresh, chilled or frozen down to – 4°C.


Max. input length (mm) 700
Max. cutting length (mm)
0,5 – 250
Max. product size W x H (mm) 350 x 240
Max. blade speed rpm 400
Length (mm)
1.890 – max. 2.690
Width (mm) 1.150
Height (mm) 1.550
Weight (kg) 320 – max. 409