Wet grinding machine N18

Wet grinding machine N18



The wet grinders that save you time and money!

Developed for small slaughterhouses, meat and vegetable industries, fish factories and butchers.

The wet grinding machines for sharpening hand knives in all shapes and sizes. With GS sharpeners, anyone can sharpen a knife in seconds. Ready to use anytime, anywhere to work hygienically, cleanly and safely, directly at your workbench. The compact wet sharpening system and the constant knife sharpening angle guide give you the advantage of a very sharp edge and a very long time before your knife needs to be re-sharpened. The water drain plug and the housing made of high-quality steel ensure easy cleaning of your machine. Top-modern production of the high-quality steel structure with CNC technology guarantees the high quality of our products.

Benefits at a glance:

• Simple operation

• Accident protection

• Wet grinding system

• Water drain plug

• Maintenance-free


• Grinding wheel (blue) 175x32x14 mm (2420)

• Whether disc (white) 175x32x14 mm (600)

• Standard grinding angle 14° small

• Dimensions: (LxWxH) 300x400x200

• 230 Volts

• Warranty: 2 years on parts

• Weight: approx. 12.0 kg